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Quartus Prime Lite 20.1 University Program VWF simulation error


I am attempting to simulate a project for a MAX10 University Board using the University Program VWF simulator. The .vwf file was created from a project built with simple logic gates using block diagram file. The project compiles and the analysis and synthesis is complete. When creating the University VWF file, the nodes are identified and suitable stimulus is applied. The file is saved. When the functional simulation runs, the simulation flow progress shows that the EDA NetList writer was successful, and that the script completed successfully. The simulation runs (with a warning that a VHDL design unit will be overwritten with a Verilog module but no errors). When the compiler  begins to run, an error is written that reads

#**Error (suppressible): (vsim-12110) The -novopt option has no effect on this product. -novopt option is now depracated and will be removed in future releases.

#Error loading design

No output results from this. If I edit the line below in the simulation options screen

#vsim -novopt -c -t 1ps -l fiftyfivenm,_ver -L a;tera_ver -L altera_mf_ver -l 220model_ver -L sgate_ver -: a;tera_lnsim_ver work.newone_vlg_vec_tst

to remove the -novopt text, to wit:

#vsim -c -t 1ps -l fiftyfivenm,_ver -L a;tera_ver -L altera_mf_ver -l 220model_ver -L sgate_ver -: a;tera_lnsim_ver work.newone_vlg_vec_tst

The simulation runs. Is there a configuration that I can change so that these settings don't have to be changed every time a simulation is run? Is this present in V20.2 if that is a "later version"? I don't recall seeing this error in V18.0





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Hi Robert,

Appreaciated your efort for raising the issue to improve our service. For now you have to remove the -novopt manually in your script and we will be working on it to fix in the next version released. In the modelsim for QP 18.0 release note:

 o The -novopt switch will be accepted in 10.7 with a deprecation suppressible error message.

 o In 10.8 or a subsequent release, the -novopt switch will not be accepted by the tool and cause tool to exit with error message.

This is the reason why you are not getting -novopt error in 18.0 as the command is still there. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.



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Thank you for answering this issue. My students were running into the exact same problem on Quartus Lite 20.1, and I just shared the fix with them. The assignment was to do the "Quartus Prime Introduction Using Schematic Designs" tutorial so that they get used to using the tool.

Some of my students were also getting the error:

Error (199014): Vector source file C:/Users/myusername/Desktop/veri/Waveform1.vwf specified with --testbench_vector_input_file option does not exist 

but I have not been able to duplicate that one on my system. Any idea what could cause this error?



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I don't believe that I've seen that specific error code. I have seen another problem where an additional subdirectory appears within the path of the simulation itself.  When this happens, the returned message is that the vwf file does not exist, which would be true in that case. This problem was very difficult to replicate as well, and seemed to be intermittent in nature between different computers for some reason.  What I might suggest is that prior to running the simulation itself that you select the "simulation settings" screen and compare the paths and "switches" or "options" between computers that run without error and those that display the error. I found that when I modified the path and removed the additional sub-directory that appeared that the problem was corrected.

Best regards.

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