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Some help needed connecting NIOS-II with ISP1362 chip

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I'm pretty new to embedded programming. I want to use the DE2 board as mp3 player, using the USB as input for my mp3 files. 

So I need an USB host controller. Since the SLS hc controller requires a license, I need to build my own but I can't seem to make it work. 


This is what i've done so far: 


In Qsys: 

  • Use the nios-system qsys file from the DE2 Media Computer (University Program) as a starting point 

  • From the CD-rom => DE2_NIOS_HOST_MOUSE_VGA => ISP1362, used the class.ptf file to add a new component. 

  • Connected clock, reset, avalon_slave and exported the conduit 

  • Used the 'Assign Base Addresses', it assigned address 0x00800000 



In Quartus: 

  • Again using the Media Computer, added the OTG pin assignments 

  • Used the Media Computer sdc file for TimeQuest Timing Analyzer 

  • Compiled without errors 

  • Downloaded the .sof onto the board 



In Nios II (Eclipse) 

  • Made a new project with the 'Hello uCos' template 

  • The console prints the hellos from the 2 tasks, so that's working fine 



Then I used the following code to read the ChipID: 

# define USB_BASEADDR 0x00800000 volatile int * hc_data = (int *) USB_BASEADDR; volatile int * hc_com = (int *) USB_BASEADDR+1; ... unsigned int ChipID = 1; *(hc_com) = 0x27; // hc_com=0x00800004 ChipID = *(hc_data); // hc_data = 0x00800000 printf("hc_data is : %4X\n", hc_data); printf("hc_com is : %4X\n", hc_com); printf("ChipID is : %4X\n", ChipID);  

But this returns 0 

According to the datasheet it should return 3630h, what am I missing here? 


Any help would be appreciated.
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Hey im hanging on the same problem. ChipID is 0 and also if i write and then read from the HcScratch register my value is not set. Did you found any solution on that?