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UP core: DMA Controller for video -- How to swap to the back buffer address

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Hello there, 


I am working on a video system with soft processing on Nios II. 

Hardware: Camera MT9P001 (TRDB-D5M), Board DE2-70, LCD (TRDB-LTM). 


I developped a SOPC with the following structure: 

Camera -> ... -> DMA Controller for video (altera_up_avalon_video_dma_controller)  

-> SSRAM -> Pixel Buffer DMA Controller (altera_up_avalon_video_pixel_buffer_dma) -> ... -> LCD. 



The entire system functions now. And I'm trying to develop a C program doing some optimizations using the Eclipse. 

I found that it is possible to do a dynamic swapping between the starting buffer and the back buffer for the Pixel Buffer DMA Controller, using the functions defined in "altera_up_avalon_video_pixel_buffer_dma.h" in the BSP project. 

Now I would like to do the same swapping for the DMA Controller so that I can save the video stream in different parts of the SSRAM. But I cant find the same kind ".h" file for DMA Controller. 

Can you help me please? 


!!!: The DMA Controller I'm using is not the /bridges/DMA/DMA Controller, it is the one in the /University Program/Audio & Video 


Thank you very much! :)
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Adonis, what are you using as Reset Vector/Exception Vector for your Nios II processor? On my project when I use "on_chip_memory" it works, but when I use sdram it does not work. Do you have any ideas? 


Sorry, I cannot help you with your question.
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