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Video IP Cores on DE2-115

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Hi guys, 


problem: JTAG ID Error when trying to Program with Altera monitor. 



Trying to get myself a video to PC project up and running. I'm trying to go through the "Video IP Cores for Altera DE Series Boards" as part of the uni program pack. I'm using a DE2-115 and the document basically speaks like the examples work on all DE2s. 


When doing the steps below for the first "VGA Char Buffer Example" 


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4. Open a project named "char_buffer.ncf" in the example’s "IP_Core_Demos/DE2/ 

DE2_Video_SOPC_Builder_Demos/DE2_VGA_Char_Buffer/app_software" directory 

5. Download the system onto the boards by clicking "Download SOPC Builder System" from the Actions menu 


--- Quote End ---  



The error i get is 


--- Quote Start ---  


Error: Can't configure device. Expected JTAG ID code 0x020B40DD for device 1, but found JTAG ID code 0x020F70DD. 

Error: Operation failed 


--- Quote End ---  



does this mean its compiled for a specific board? if so, with no quartus project file how can i compile it for my board? 


Thanks in advance
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