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What software should I get to upload to Cyclone II? I've tried 7.2 (included in box) and 13.0 (latest version with support for Cyclone II)


I first installed Quartus 7.2 web edition from the included CDROM. When I tried to get a 150 day reoccurring license I was blocked by an access denied screen when I tried to log into my intel account. After this I went to the download page on intel for previous releases and downloaded version 13.0 web edition. Once the download was complete I began installing and saw that I was installing the subscription edition. I went back to the download page for version 13.0 and saw that there was only one version available and it was listed as web edition, phew, so I didn't just download 1.5 GB of the wrong software. I clicked the only option. One of those labels must be wrong and I don't know which. Anyway, when I click "automatically update license online" in version 13.0 I'm met with an error message saying that the site refuses to connect.


Can someone please tell me how to get my verilog uploaded to this DE1 University Program FPGA? Ideally something that gets version 13.0 or 7.2 working. If I have to download fourth version of Quartus (I still have version 18.1 from a class) I will but I'd rather get 7.2 or 13.0 working.

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Hi Silas,


For your information, Quartus 2 Web Edition is free no need license and including free OpenCore Plus evaluation feature according to this link[1]. If you want to compile normal design verilog it should be working. Latest version for Quartus Web Edition is 13.0sp1 and be downlaoded via this link[2]. Besides, avoid having lot of different Quartus version installed in your machine as could be an issue in term of compiling and licensing issue (if your using license).


[1]. (Comparison Web and Subscription Edition)


[2]. (cyclone 2 latest Quartus Web Edition support).





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