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Writing Data to RAM and Internal Memory in FLEK10K

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Dear all, 


I am in the middle of a project and have come across a glitch at the moment. One of the core aspects of this project is to write the data received from encoders or LCD to the internal memory provided within the FLEX10K. I have been searching and have found that the FLEX10 has 2KB of memory. In the FLEX10K there are 8 EAB's each with a capacity of 2048 bits. How can I write to a specific spot in memory. 


From my understanding, each one of those bits in the EAB should have an address associated with it. My question is how do I decide which address I can write to and how do I do that in VHDL.  


From my research I came across people using *.mif and *.hex files but I do not see how it can be used since it does not provide an address. I also saw the Megawizard Plug-In manager for several RAM and ROM schematics but I still am not sure how to implement it on the FLEX10K. 


I appreciate all kinds of help. 


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