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VGA output

Honored Contributor II

hello all, I have a stupid question.  

I connect the vga output port of DE2 board to my laptop, but the screen of my laptop can't display anything.  

After selecting the VGA tab in the Control Panel, I can't check the checkboxes of Default Image and Cursor Enable.  

Is there sth wrong with my laptop? 

When I use DE2 board in school, all I need to do is to press a button to make the screen display the image. But I really don't know how to display it in a laptop. 


any help will be appreciated
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Honored Contributor II

I don't think many laptops come with VGA input ports, only output. 


Are you sure your laptop has it as an input?
Honored Contributor II

I have never seen a laptop with a VGA input. The VGA port on your laptop is most likely a VGA output. Therefore, you cannot connect the DE2 VGA output to your laptop and get the DE2 output to display on your laptop screen. You need a standalone monitor with a VGA input.