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how to find old license - cyclone 2 starter kit


i have the cyclone 2 development kit with the 2 CDs that provided with it.

the CDs provide quartus 7, I've installed it and also can't find license file.


I've installed quartus 13.0 (downloaded from the web) with Cyclone 2 devise support.


I can't find the license inside the CDs or web, after 2 weeks, i'm truly lost.


1) if someone can help with updating the license it will be grate!

2) Is it possible to use a new quartus version (19) and have a license for it? (and add the cyclone 2 devise files manually)?


thank you

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Hello Welcome to Intel forum. May I know, have you try regenerate your license in Self-Service licensing Center. Only the license administrator can re-generate the license file. Guidance: --> Licensing Center Home --> Computer and License Files --> Select a computer to generate a new license file. Link to demo:
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