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how to use Nois II for audio contol

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I have complete module that analog audio input gets digitalized and throws the output through WM8731 audio codec.  

Now, I'm trying to add Nios II process in the module. So, I'm trying to give the analog audio input to and bypass the output through Nios II process.  


1) Nios II process can have analog input? 

2) what components are required in SOPC builder?  

3) It seems to me that I just have to instantiate the SOPC generated module for this perticular example. but, I still have a error messasge like "AUD_DACDAT can not be assigned more than one value" 

Would you give me some answers please...?? 

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1) it "cannot" have analog input(inface no processor can handle analog data". However the data comes from the audio codec in digital form, which can be processed by NIOS 2 processor.  

2) U'll need university program audio core, and also audio and video config core... Just add these two components in the SOPC builder... 


a complete project for what mite help u is available here
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