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11.0.069 Interoperability with C


Hi, I get a 

configure: error: Fortran 2003 Interoperability with C required, but compiler lacks support

when trying to compile a code with v11.0.069 Ifort. Would anyone know if this should be expected and what might solve this?

Thank you, 

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Based on the configure message the 11.0 compiler does not appear to support the specific C interoperability feature the configure test checked for, the only solution is perhaps to use a newer Intel compiler.

The 11.0 release is very old. It only supported most of Fortran 2003. There have been enhancements added and defects fixed over the past six major compiler releases after 11.0, some specifically involving C interoperability. The Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 (16.0 compiler) added full support for Fortran 2003.

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My experience tells me that whatever GNU configure reports ought to be taken with a pinch of salt; it runs some scripts to determine various properties of the system on which a development task is about to be undertaken. That such scripts fail often is not be taken as evidence of the configuration tools' poor quality. Rather, the task is inherently difficult. The tale of the blind men describing an elephant comes to mind.

When configure works, that is nice. However, when it fails, it is worthwhile to ask if an alternative way of constructing a make file or project file might be a better approach.

Which feature of F2003-C interoperability do you require? Have you seen the Intel Fortran compiler release notes for your version? Usually the release notes contain a list of newly implemented features.