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Acquire / download older version of intel fortran compiler


Dear all,

we are using a simulation software that needs, to run some models, older versions of the intel fortran compiler (ivf15 , ivf 12...).

This is absolutely needed, we have tried to use more recent compiler ( but it does not work.

It is a legacy system and we have no alternative way to use it other than having older versions of the compilers.

I would like to know if someone can help us on understanding how to acquire/download/obtain an older version of the fortran compiler, more specifically the "Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows (v15)".

Do you have any idea on how to get this version?

Thank you in advance


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If you give a sufficiently detailed description of why the more recent compiler did not "work", readers of this forum may be able to help overcome the problem.

Over the years, I have seen many such requests for older compiler versions. In almost every such case, it turns out that there are some bugs in the program being compiled. In a few instances, suggestions regarding better compiler options were given.

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Dear Macej;

The source files are not created by me, they are automatically created by the software.

The compilation process is performed by the simulation software, not by me, so I am not running the compiler myself.

Basically each time I would like to run a simulation a compilation is performed to create exe files, this is not "under the control" of the user.

For this reason there is no way that I have access to the source code to debug or to look at the fortran code to understand why there are issues.

There may be bugs, but we cannot look at it.

The model is developed by a vendor (a wind turbine manufacturer) using the software "PSCAD".

The model vendor is requiring Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler XE 12 .

The software vendor (PSCAD) is requiring "Intel Parallel studio XE" the  Supported Fortran Compilers (

The company who has created the model is running the model using these softwares without any problems (we actually saw it running on their server).

It is very frustrating (and we are very frustrated) to not be able to debug the code but up to now obtaining the legacy compiler is the only way we see to be able to try to let this model work (we spent more than one month now and spending some $ on a legacy compiler is not an issue even if it does not work).

Does anyone know how to obtain Intel Parallel studio XE (version 2012 and 2015)?

Thank you in advance



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If you have a current licence you can raise a support request at the intel service centre. Those are two old to be online but you may get some joy. Plan B) if your vendor has the installation files  you just need a valid licence. 

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