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COM .exe Server registration, registration from fortran code



I created an easy COM out-of-process server like in the Fortran Documentation described (adder.exe). Later I want to make calls in 32.Bit Dlls from a COM Object and pipe the calculated Data to a 64 Bit executable.

My Problem is the registration of the COM-Server on another System (for this example: adder.exe). The Docu says that I have to enter following line in cmd.

<var>exe_path</var> /REGSERVER

My problem is, that when I want to deploy the COM-Server on another System this only works when I start cmd.exe with administration rights. Is there another way user without administration rights can deploy a COM-Server, even better is there a way to deploy the COM-Server from the Fortran Source Code which Create an Instance of the Server?

Thanks and greets Jonas


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I don't think so - my understanding is that COM server registration entails registry modifications that require administration rights. If one does this as part of an install, that usually includes admin rights. I found some interesting discussion at