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Cannot double click select word in VS

Try to select the last element of a chain like:


It selects the whole line! I dont see why anyone would want that.

It's inconsistent. Double click the first word and it works. All other languages I tried in VS dont have this issue.

It makes working in Fortran less productive because you need to employ precise mouse control to select words.

I am forced to put a space after each % and that way you can select easily. But then the debugger ignores mouse overs unless you select the whole line. Doh, cant win.

Another way around it is to switch to the non-standard full stop but I am very reluctant to go down a non-standard route.

Really hope this can be fixed.

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I reproduced the described

I reproduced the described behavior and submitted a report w/Development.

(Internal tracking id: CMPLRS-42842)

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