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Collective Functions being odd

Hi, I'm migrating a legacy Fortran to a parallel version through coarray structure.

In my implementation, I had to use some collectives like co_sum. However, I think the behaviour or this particular function is... odd. In the manual, it is said that when the result_image is omitted, the result is shared between all images.

However, I think in both 19.1 and 19.1.1 versions of ifort the omitted parameter is setting the result_image as 1. In the following example:

    program TestColletiveFunctions

    implicit none
    integer(4)      :: myID
    myID = this_image()
    call co_sum(myID)
    write( *, * ) 'Processor ', this_image(), ' with myID ', myID

    end program TestColletiveFunctions

With the following outcome:

 Processor            6  with myID            6
 Processor            3  with myID            3
 Processor            4  with myID            4
 Processor            5  with myID            5
 Processor            8  with myID            8
 Processor            7  with myID            7
 Processor            2  with myID            2
 Processor            1  with myID           36


It is the intended outcome of this function? 


Thanks, in advance


Windows 10
Ifort 19.1.1 and 19.1 x64 /O2
VS 2019 - 16.4.2


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I filed a bug on your behalf,

I filed a bug on your behalf, CMPLRIL0-32774.


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