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Compatibility of Intel C and Fortan Compiler Professional Edition in RHEL 7.9

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We are currently using the Intel C and Fortan Compiler Professional Edition application version 4.8.5 in RHEL 7.7 operating system.

We have a plan to update the kernel to RHEL 7.9. Request you to confirm whether the application supports the latest RHEL 7.9 version

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You seem to be confusing GNU compilers with Intel compilers. GCC/Gfortran 4.8.5 were released in 2015. The Intel compiler versions released that year would have had version numbers

Nor does it make sense to ask whether an old software package "supports" an operating system that far into the future. It is the compiler that depends on the OS, not the other way around (this does not apply to the few who compile parts of the OS from sources). 

For most users, a reasonable policy may be to update the OS once or twice annually, or to fix a significant problem, and to install compiler updates using a similar policy, but to keep the older compiler functional until the new release checks out as reliable.

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You are right, we are currently using Intel C and Fortran15.3.187 version on RHEL 7.7

Could you please let me know if this will support RHEL 7.9?

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If you are asking about Intel Fortran for Linux, you can see from the release notes that it is compatible with Redhat 7. I can think of no reason why changing from RedHat 7.7 to 7.9 would give rise to problems. 

On the other hand, that version of the compiler is no longer supported, and is no longer available for download. The current OneAPI compilers are free for use with no license file required, but support may be purchased.

On the OS side, as well,  the current version of RedHat is 8.3.  Any reason why you cannot use the latest releases of compiler and OS, if you are upgrading anyway?