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Compile problem


Hi, all. 

I've been compiling Fortran file using UNIX server or my labtop, Mac. Since my commonly used subroutines or functions are in the folder named as subs, I compile it as the below and it have no problem so far. 

> gfortran sample.f90 ~/subs/*.* -o sample

A couple of days ago, I installed compiler for Fortran in the desktop. However, I cannot link files in the subs folder, 

C:\gofrtran sample.f90 c:\subs\*.* -o sample 

it generated the error: c:\subs\*.*: Invalid argument, even though that folder does exist. 

Could you let me know how to handle this problem?

All comments would be appreciated. 


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You have posted this in the forum for Intel Fortran (command ifort), but you're using gfortran, part of gcc.  I gather that your second attempt was on Windows.

I suggest that you post your question to the comp.lang.fortran Internet newsgroup, as it isn't really appropriate for here.