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Compiling for older Linux

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I am using Intel Fortran compiler 17.0.4 on Ubuntu 16.04 .  I gave the compiled code to a user whose system has CentOS 6.9.  I was told that they can't run the code because the code was compiled for GLIBC_2.14, and they have GLIBC_2.12.  Is there a way for me to compile the code so that they can use it?  Do you think it would work if I link all the libraries statically?



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I cannot answer what to do for any specific Linux distro and version, but one of these suggestion may work:

   (i) Ask your users to see if there is a package/rpm for Glibc 2.14 that they can install.

   (ii) Install the older .so on your development system and link the a.out using this older library.

Trying to build a fully static a.out is an act of desperation, and may not work in many current versions of Linux because of a dependency on a library such as the OpenMP library that is not available in static form.