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DLL fails to build in IVF + MSVS2017 in Debug mode, works in Release mode

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I need advice on a problem with DLLs built for Excel using IVF 19.x. In particular, I want to confirm that the behaviour below is expected and not symptomatic of a more serious error. In IVF19, the debug version of the DLL does not build any more (it did in previous versions upto 17.x). I get the following error message (path, project and file names changed):

1>------ Build started: Project: MyExcelDLL, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------
1>Compiling with Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler [IA-32]...
1>C:\MyPath\file_with_dll_definition.f90(295): catastrophic error: **Internal compiler error: internal abort** Please report this error along with the circumstances in which it occurred in a Software Problem Report.  Note: File and line given may not be explicit cause of this error.
1>compilation aborted for C:\MyPath\file_with_dll_definition.f90 (code 1)
1>Build log written to  "file://C:\...\MyExcelDLL\MyExcelDLL\Debug\BuildLog.htm"
1>MyExcelDLL - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========

However, in the Release version we do not have the same problem.

1>------ Rebuild All started: Project: MyExcelDLL, Configuration: Release Win32 ------
1>Deleting intermediate files and output files for project 'MyExcelDLL', configuration 'Release|Win32'.
1>Compiling with Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler [IA-32]...
1>Compiling manifest to resources...
1>Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Resource Compiler Version 10.0.10011.16384
1>Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
1>Creating library C:\...\MyExcelDLL\MyExcelDLL\Release\MyExcelDLL.lib and object C:\...\MyExcelDLL\MyExcelDLL\Release\MyExcelDLL.exp
1>Embedding manifest...
1>Build log written to  "file://C:\...\MyExcelDLL\MyExcelDLL\Release\BuildLog.htm"
1>MyExcelDLL - 0 error(s), 0 warning(s)
========== Rebuild All: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 skipped ==========

Will that my DLLs in Excel work only with /iface:cvf and Debug Multithreaded (/libs:static /threads /dbglibs) settings. Using the default settings causes Excel to crash unexpectedly. I will note that the Intel sample project works with default settings in both Debug and Release modes. 


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"**Internal compiler error:" Is a compiler bug. Make a small reproducer and file a ticket at the service centre

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