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Debug issue relating to allocatable variables in user defined type constructs (Status)

For a while now I have been unable to interrogate the contents of allocatable variables, that are declared within a user defined data type, the MS Visual Studio debugger. Screen grab below shows an example data structure used to store IGES CAD data entries to illustrate this: 


There is no problem with the actual data as the program continues normally even though the Watch Window claims that the allocatable arrays are 'Undefined pointer/arrays'

I don't remember exactly when this fault was introduced. I do recall that it did used to be possible to interrogate these types of variables back in 2015/16 I guess.  I am aware that other posts have been made on this subject in the past so I am wondering if Intel have:

a) identified where the problem lies and who is responsible for fixing it MS or Intel?

b) are still actively trying to find a solution

c) have any idea when/if it will ever be resolved

With each new release of either VS or FORTRAN compilers I look to see if this problem has been resolved only to be disappointed each time.

I reported this to Intel Premier Support a few years ago but the case simply went cold with no resolution.

My current work round involves copying the allocated data to a local copy (outside of the TYPE construct) where I can interrogate the allocated arrays with no problem. This approach can get tedious and I don't want to have special debug code clogging up the sources so I would rather avoid having to do this.

 If I am missing a trick somewhere I am open to any suggestions.



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@FortranFan please share the case# or attach a reproducer.

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Glad to see someone is looking into this at Intel.

@Devorah_H_Intel Please refer to case DOQG-1964 that I referred to earlier in this thread. A reproducer is attached to this earlier post called DebugBug.f90.  I sent this reproducer to Premier Support back in August with comments to show how the bug gets introduced. I have not tried it on the newest OneAPI beta version. "Better the devil you know" and all that.