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Debugging symbols and windows crashdumps



I have a windows 32bits program in C/C++ that calls some fortran code, and I implemented a crash handling mechanism that intercepts crashes in order to write a MiniDump to help crash investigation.


In Debug, everything is fine and the dump contains a whole lot of information, but in Release configuration, the crash is dumped, but I can't get back any relevant symbols opening the dump to debug it in visual studio.

It asks me for the libifcoremd.dll first, and when I give it to him (from the redist folder) he then asks for libifcoremd.pdb, and for what I gathered in this forum, this file is not given.


Would you have any information or recommendations about debugging in this context? If it is possible to get symbols, maybe I miss a compile flag option for instance.

I am using Visual Studio 15 and the intel compiler 2015 as well.



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Intel doesn't provide PDBs for its run-time DLLs, but I'd argue that they aren't useful to you, especially as you don't have their source code. You can supply PDBs for your own code.

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I should be able to supply PDBs for my code through the '/Zi' compile options ?
When debugging the dump though, it says that the unhandled exception comes from the dll itself, and does not show frames under because of the lack of symbols.

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Does the most recent stack frame for code from your program's executable show meaningful information?

My typical experience is that it does - to the extent that an immediate problem with the code (oops - I'm accessing a dissociated pointer/out of array bounds/argument not present) can be identified.  When the cause is more distant additional forensics may be required.

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