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Error message severe (172): Program Exception - exception code = 0x7e (126)

Hi Everyone,

I'm very new to use Fortran to run an existing model. After compiling it, it generates the following error message. Can someone help me solve this issue? Is it related to Windows 10 system? I ran the model in Windows 7 before. It didn't generate the message.


forrtl: severe (172): Program Exception - exception code = 0x7e (126)

Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source

KERNELBASE.dll     00007FFD7740F218  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

nems2.exe          00007FF62D5AB199  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

nems2.exe          00007FF62D5AAF59  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

nems2.exe          00007FF62C8EF99E  WRITE_TO_AIMMS           8984  main.f

nems2.exe          00007FF62C8EDAA1  AIMMS_COAL               8761  main.f

nems2.exe          00007FF62C89A3DC  NEXEC                    1328  main.f

nems2.exe          00007FF62C894564  NSOLVE                    714  main.f

nems2.exe          00007FF62C8903B5  MAIN__                    238  main.f

nems2.exe          00007FF62D66CE0C  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

nems2.exe          00007FF62D651C03  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

KERNEL32.DLL       00007FFD79BA3034  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

ntdll.dll          00007FFD7A661551  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

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A quick google for "error 126

A quick google for "error 126 the specified module could not be found" showed several hits.

You may need to explore some of these to find the solution.


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Hello Pei,

Hello Pei,

I believe you may be using version 11.1 which does not support Windows* 10.


Intel(R) Developer Zone support


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