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File operation error in setup process of parallel studio xe


When I setup parallel studio xe2018 cluster edition on centos7, the program terminated in step 2 checking prerequisites.

It reported error like this:

Checking the prerequisites. It can take several minutes. Please wait...
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'FileIoException'
  what():  File operation error: Cannot close file /lustre/home/medwy/Program/tmp/psxe_staging_area/rpm/intel-vtune-amplifier-2018-cli-2018.1-535340.x86_64.rpm: ¸緗¾*

Aborted (core dumped)


I repeated setup process but it  reported "cannot close file" error for different rpm file in rpm folders each time. I need ifort compiler in PSXE for my program. Could anyone teach me how to fix it? Thanks!


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