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Fortran 2020 Version Question


We are in the process of updating software within our organization. A software engineer for one of our suppliers was very specific about the version of Fortran we needed to use. He stated "Intel Fortran 2020" was required. To confirm, is Fortran v19.1 one and the same? See below for reference:

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There hasn't been a compiler called "Intel Fortran 2020".  There was Intel Parallel Studio XE 2020 with Intel Fortran 19.1. That is an obsolete version, though. Unless the software you're building has invalid code, it's preferable to use the current compiler version, though you should of course test the application. You can't get the old PSXE 2020 version unless you have paid support - the current Intel oneAPI Fortran compiler (2021.6.0) is free.

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