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Fortran NetCDF 4.x in Visual Studio (64 bit)


I've seen some messages posted to the forum about calling Fortran subroutines in the NetCDF library but have not noticed a resolution for 64-bit projects.

I have a mixed code (C++, Fortran) VS project and would like to call subroutines in the NetCDF Fortran library. It looks like Unidata does not support Fortran NetCDF compiled with the Intel Fortran compiler. Has anyone had any luck creating a static or dynamic version of the NetCDF Fortran library compatible with a 64-bit VS project? Alternatively, how about a C version?

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Yes, I have - there is/was a problem on Windows, but I have been able to solve that. The problem is in netcdf-4.3.2\ - I have a small batch file to automate the whole process. When building the library with Intel Fortran you need to use either VS2012 or VS2013, because of the way the HDF5 library which is used underneath is built/tested.

(I can send you the batch file and such, if you are interested, but no guarantees ;))