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Fortran and Twitter

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For reasons I never really understood, I created a Twitter account.  I linked the account to two rather good Fortran users, Steve and DegenerateConic.  As I slowly watch the feeds come across my twitter feed I have to laugh at the people who ask why we program in Fortran and not a modern language. 

Interestingly Steve always responds, sometimes the response is strawberry jam and sometimes it is tart Orange Marmalade, but I enjoy both tastes. 

DC never responds, but he is busy for NASA. 

I am using a Fortran program but I am not sure what it is compiled in -but it took 10 hours to run to determine 100 eigenvectors for a large FEM problem and never got past 12 Hz.  If I want to verify the results I need to listen with the accelerometer for 16 minutes to get 3 standard deviations. 

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Some other accounts worth following:


Not Fortran related, but entertaining and informative:



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This is a FORTRAN FEM program, I am sorry I have no idea which version of FORTRAN, but it took 10 hours to run in a single core,  -- at the same time I read science_dot and they had retweeted a tweet asking when we would use modern languages.  

The only way to accurately create a model of this size is with a FEM generator and you write that (hold on I have written one) in FORTRAN to generate the correctly formed FEM model in the correct input format.  I have one in PYTHON -- it is a 1000 times slower in Rhino - to do this quickly we are obviously moving towards GPU Fortran.  

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    !  write(*,51)bricknum,N_COLOUR,(numb(ll),ll=1,8)
51  Format("    HEXA8          ",(2x,I7)"         0       1  ",I3, 8(2x,I7))
61  Format("   BkAxes              ",i7,"       1")

60  Format("   Node ", 5x,I7,2x,i6, 3E20.12)

The reason you use FORTRAN is this is all that is needed to created a unique brick. 

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