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Gunboat Philadelphia

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This boat is on display in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington.  It is a neat exhibit on the 3rd floor, with old anchors, cannons and a timber hull that will shortly be 250 years old.  

She now has about 8 NUCs recording the vibration of the hull and the building.  The building is surprisingly lively.  

In relation to this forum, Intel FORTRAN will be used to compile the modified plastic analysis program to check the likely strength of the timbers, indirectly.  

Steve:  The first four NUCs bought in July came with 2 USB C ports each, this is the H version, and the K version of the same NUC came without USB C ports in September.  You go up a letter you expect a better device,  lesson learned.  Only problem is the new SAMSUNG hard drives need a C port for the external drive carrier I have, so one can clone the drives, all my C ports are on the boat except for the one on the broken NUC I have.  I had to get a USB to C connector and take a lot longer to clone the drives.  

Supply chain problems, sorry we will only sell you 1 or 4 or 6 of those at the moment due to a manufacturer's limit.  Sorry we only shipped 3 hard drives the others will arrive late Sunday - flight time 7 am next morning.   Darn it, they shipped the wrong cables, buy the entire supply of these cables in College Station on Sunday afternoon, sales guy, we do not sell many of these.  One short, sacrifice my system.  

PI:  Can we put two of these accelerometers on one NUC?   We can try,  so we try, PI yesterday, the two ones run warm, I put them on a heat sink, ok?  Of course, replying using the sole remaining NUC from home as United lost my luggage with all the cables, can only run a single NUC computer.   

As I explained to the PI, this is all possible thanks for Intel.  Thanks Intel.  

The boat is considered, by the experts, to be the fifth most important historical monument at the SI.  



Note, I was not allowed to fly my  pennant and take a picture.


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