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How to compile fortran90 with Makefile on window10


 I'm having fortran90 modeling source code and Makefile for linux on attached file.

 I created execution file for this code on ubuntu OS, and now I want to create executable file for window 10 (64bit).

For this, I installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Intel Visual Fortran. 

But I don't know how to start intel visual fortran? Can you give me a information about procedure to compile it?

If possible, I want to use Makefile on window os. Can you give me information how to use it on window os and how to install and assign netcdf and lapack library in Makefile?


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Microsoft Visual C++ (or the bundled Visual Studio Shell-based environment) provides nmake, which is a Microsoft variation on make. Some people use cmake as an alternative, which they obtain separately. You can read the Microsoft documentation on nmake.

If you want to link to specific libraries, the easiest way is to just give the full path to each library on the command that links the executable (generally "ifort" if you're building an Intel Fortran program.) Remember to enclose the path in "" if there are any embedded blanks.

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For netcdf, you really should consult the official sites, e.g.

That site is exemplary in some ways; for example, it discusses the alternatives of cmake and gnu make (yes, even for windows).

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There is a makefile comparison for both Linux and Windows in another topic that may help you:

I have found that just a few changes are needed to convert a makefile from one OS to another.

Regards, Greg