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How to compile with OpenMP?


I am a new user of Intel Fortran. I have some problems when trying to use openMP in Intel Fortran.

the Official User guide states that to add OpenMP* support to applications, do the following:

1.Add the appropriate OpenMP* directives to your source code.

2.Compile the application with the Qopenmp (Windows) or qopenmp (Linux* and macOS*) option.

I understand the first step. but how should I do the second step? Currently I use  "Debug → start without Debugging” buttons to run my code. do I always have to use a cmd to compile the applications if I want to incorporate OpenMP (which I failed since I dont know the path that I should specify)?

I'm also wondering whether I need to install some external openMp packages before I do the above steps

Any hint or suggestion is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance


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It sounds as if you're developing inside Visual Studio on Windows. If so, the proper forum for that would be

In Visual Studio, right click on the project, select Properties. Then select Fortran > Language. Change the property "Process OpenMP Directives" to "Generate parallel code:, click OK. Then rebuild your project before running. You do not need to install anything separately.

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