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How to create Fortran project in VIsual Studio 2010 which contains Fortran dll and C++ dll project


Because i am new in programming with Fortran i need a help about creating Fortran project in IDE( Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with integrated Intel Parallel XE 2011 ). I got from my friend a code that is an example of combining Fortran and C++ programming language. After I opened the code which come from my friend in mentioned IDE, i did not get any error messages in project building process and afther all i got a result which i want to get. Afther that i started to creat independently a new project with different names of cpp files and Fortran modules - my own project which can get to me same results like project from my friend. I did not succeed in that attempt because every time I create a Fortran project( Empty project ) and when i added to them a Fortran DLL and also a C ++ project( Win 32 => Static Library), I get a numerous errors. Since the projects, which I got from my friend and also my own project, are too large for placing in question I put them in file sharing server:

My friend project

My project

Could I get an explanation, as I do this for the first time in my short programming life, what steps should I take in creating this project and how to correctly adjust projects settings for anz further attemp of using bouth languges in same project?


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