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How to recover disappeared output ?

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I am using VS 2015 with IPSXE 2019.

My program generates a LOT of output when I am debugging it  -

If something appeared before and is gone, is there a way to go back and get it ?

scrolling upward does not recover what I need, unfortunately.


I have the output window maximized, but there are still too many lines of output

Or maybe there is an easy way to have it stop every 20 lines or so, other than having to

put a bunch of breakpoints in the code, or having to write it to "scratch" file.

any suggestions ?

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No, once the output has scrolled out of the window it is gone. However, if it is a console application you can increase the size of the default scrollback buffer.

Click on the Windows Start button, type CMD, and click on the Command Prompt application when it appears. Left click on the C:> icon in the upper left corner and select Defaults.  Click on the Layout tab. Change Screen Buffer SIze > Height to some large number (I have 9001 in mine.) Click OK and then close the window.

If it is a QuickWin application you can change the number of lines in an INITIALSETTINGS function, but be aware that choosing a large number for this will make your application take lots of memory.

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If it is a console program you can run it from the command line and redirect output to a file:

myprogram.exe > output.txt

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You can also

Open a console window (CMD)

Right-Click on title line
Choose Properties
Set Screen Buffer Size, Height to a large number of lines

Then run your program.
Use the vertical scroll bar to scroll to lines of interest.

If your program has too many lines for you to specify in buffer height, then resort to  > output.txt

Jim Dempsey

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