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How to use a debugger for Intel® Fortran in VScode


Hello and Good day, 

Can anyone help me step by step with how to use a debugger for  Intel® Fortran in VScode? or Any debugger that is compatible with it. I used to find the answer all over the internet but I can't find the answer that I wanted. I am using Command Prompt as a platform to compile, link and run the program. When I look through the manual it says that I need to type /debug:full as a command for debugging. It appears to some vc140.pdb file. I don't know what to do with it. I also look at how to debug in VScode, which involves launh.json and node.js. But, there appear too many issues such as:

The key 'external console' is deprecated. Please use 'console' instead.

Yes, I am also finding an answer to solve this but it does not help at all. I am new in this programming world. Thus, I really need a guide on how to use the debugger in VScode or any debugger that is compatible except Microsoft Visual Studio. Thank you in advance. 

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Intel provides debugger support for only the Visual Studio debugger. Debugging Fortran requires understanding compiler-specific Fortran concepts in the debug symbol table, not something you will get from a generic debugger.

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