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IFX address sanitizer support

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Just curious, since the new IFX compiler is based on LLVM, does it support Address Sanitizer? it does not seem to be a compile option if you go IFX /? and I can find nothing on it.

We have a large project containing Microsoft  C++ and Intel Fortran. If we use address sanitizer on the project, it gets unhappy where it goes into Fortran code. It seems with address sanitizer it is an all or nothing situation.

Also, while the Fortran compiler has range checks, if you pass an array into a function and tell it that it is larger than it really is, it may crash or change other data, and there is no easy way to find that. It would be a nice plus if IFX had address sanitizer and if that would help to find things like that.

(I happen to know that gfortran does support address sanitizer, but we have such a large project, no way we are switching compilers to try that, I just managed to get it all compiling and linking use IFX instead of ifort.)

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