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Info that Steve Lionel requested

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I have to attach a screen shot because it would not let me copy text.

I think I was at quote #9, but for some reason the quotes were not numbered.


Is that a defect in the software ?

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I hope the above is what you wanted. I did not see anything to the right of "executable" though.


Is this telling us the available choices? Or the ones i have already installed ?


as far as I can determine, i can do both C++ and Fortran code in the VS 2015 I now have installed, as far as compiling them.

But as I said previously, it wont make an usable EXE file, it wont properly link it if I am using Fortran.

This screen shot shows the C++ code I had in there, that runs fine as far as I can tell.

I just have to avoid using any Fortran in this VS 2015. or it fails.


Older versions of VS ( 2010, 2013) work OK with Fortran - thats why I did not uninstall them.

I need something to work with, re developing source code, as you can imagine.

Your help is greatly appreciated !

BTW, I think you meant that in the ABSENSE of any VS, if I install Parallel Studio, it will give me a VS SHELL to work with.

If there is already a VS present, it will try to integrate to that. Is that right ?

In other words,  a VS is needed to do source code editing and debugging, building an EXE, etc.

as far as I can tell, it needs SOME KIND of VS, no matter what.

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What I asked for:

Bill, in VS go to Tools > Options > Intel Compilers and Tools > Visual Fortran > Compilers. Click on the ... to the right of "Executables". Copy the content of the window displayed and paste it into a reply here.

What I got: A screenshot showing some C++ settings. Are you sure you are up to the task of developing software?


And yes, the posts are numbered. Given your other posts about not seeing on-screen elements, I wonder if you are cutting off parts of the page.


In another post I also asked you to do Help > About > Copy Info and paste the result into a reply here. Here's hoping you don't start yet another thread for this.

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