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Install Path Issue

Has anyone seen this?

1) We install Intel Fortran merge module (for Intel Fortran 16 Update 2) with our product to include Intel runtime redistributables.

2) Immediately after install our product I can run, as the Intel redistributables can be found.

3) If I logout and log back in, my application fails as the Intel Redistributables can no longer be found.

4) If I open a command window and echo the PATH variable I see that the paths to the Intel redistributables reference %INTEL_DEV_REDIST% but those referenced environment variables in the path are not resolved when I have the problem; when I don't have the runtime problem (I.e., immediately after install as in step 2 above) I see that the PATH is fully resolved (i.e., %INTEL_DEV_REDIST% is resolved).  In either case if I explicitly echo the %INTEL_DEV_REDIST% it always resolves correctly.  I can reproduce reliably on Win 7 x64 SP1.


Any ideas?  Note, usually if I reboot when I have the problem - the reboot 'cures' the problem as now my echo of PATH in a command window has the paths fully resolved and may application can find the dlls.


Thanks for any help.


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I have seen that Windows

I have seen that Windows sometimes doesn't properly update the user environment variables until the user logs out and in again. I have not seen it require a reboot, but there's always a first time. Unfortunately this is not something under our control.

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Some of the symptoms

Some of the symptoms described occur if the path environment variable is too long.

Make a backup copy of the unexpanded system path and then hack some of the less useful cruft out of it.  Particularly look for duplicate entries, for unique entries be mindful that the system path is used for locating DLL's.  Then reboot and see how you go.

(I am not sure which particular update is responsible (it may be the current beta), but a recent compiler update has resulted in duplicate entries for the directories with the runtime libraries for me here sometime over the last six months or so.)

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