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Installation fails with XCode 10.1


I just received Update 2 of Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition. The installer fails to install it. It coplains that my version of XCode is not supported.

I have Mac OS 10.14.2 and XCode 10.1 installed. The Intel installer  requires 9.x or 10.0

How can I install my rightfully bought product?


PS: This was already the case for the previous release. I waited, hoping it would be solved now. But it is not.

PPS: The Intel web site (so called "support") is almost useless. There is no way to just ask a simple question in the forest of pages and pages linking to one another.


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A major issue with Xcode is that Apple keeps making incompatible changes without documentation or advance notice. When the Intel docs say 10.0 they mean 10.0, not 10.1. 

You can report the problem at  If a workaround is available, you'll be told, otherwise you should roll back to 10.0 or wait for the next update.

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Rename latest Xcode (10.1) as Xcode 10.1 or something. Download previous Xcode eg. 10.0 (search web for older versions) & rename it XCode. You can install different Xcode versions in parallel. When installing Parallel Studio, choose the older version of XCode. That' s how I do it.

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