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Installing Intel Visual Fortran 2018



I want to install Intel (R) Visual Fortran in my Lab's PC with installer that my supervisor had it bought for me. However when I had it installed and tried to open it with Visual Basic 2017, I couldn't find the project type under Intel (R) Visual Fortran as mentioned in ("Building a Binary" section). I had checked the installer again and it seemed that the Intel Visual Fortran Compiler couldn't be installed since it needs Visual Basic lower than 2015 version or Microsoft SDK 10 (which should have been installed along with Visual Basic 2017). Please let me know the prodecures to solve this problem.

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Intel Parallel Studio needs Microsoft Visual C++. If all you have is Visual Basic, that won't do. Assuming that you are using an Academic or Commercial license, it will install Visual Studio Shell with the necessary components but you need to install the Windows SDK first. See for instructions (this applies to the current version as well.)

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