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ifport module raise EOF error message


In my fortran code, I am using ifport module (`use ifport`); but I get the following error message when compiling with GCC-6.3.0:

        Fatal Error: Reading module 'ifport' at line 1 column 2: Unexpected EOF

I have installed intel composer_xe_2013_sp1.5.212. My linux os is debian 9. Is there anyway to solve this ? 

Why don't I use ifort ? Because sometimes when I compile my code I can't access my license manager server.

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Module ifport is provided

Module ifport is provided only by Intel Fortran and is usable only by Intel Fortran. Modules compiled by one compiler can't be used by another.

gfortran probably provides some or all of the routines you're using from ifport, made available some other way - look in its documentation for details.

If you need help with licensing, you'll need to submit a request at

Steve (aka "Doctor Fortran") -
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I understood, ifport is used

I understood, ifport is used to make some subroutine portable to or from windows to other platforme. In my case I just did not need it for linux hence, I surrounded the call of the module by

#ifdef _WIN32
    use ifport

to make it compilable on both platforms.


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