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Integration into Microsoft visual studio failed

I am trying to use Intel Fortran compiler 11.1 for compiling projects of PSCAD. When I installed the compiler, I got an error saying integration in to Microsoft visual studio failed - problem in integrate.bat . This repeats even if I uninstall it, remove all related software and reinstall it again.  If I try to run any files in PSCAD with this compiler, I get lot of link errors saying unidentified externals. However, PSCAD recognizes the presence of Intel Fortran compiler. How can I fix this issue? Please help.

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You have two very different

You have two very different problems - integration into the Visual Studio IDE has nothing to do with linking issues from a command prompt.

For the Visual Studio issue, see It could be that your Visual Studio version is unsupported by the very old 11.1 compiler.

For linking problems, it would help to see a list of some of the error messages. I recommend that you use the compiler command prompt shortcut installed in the Start menu to create the correct environment and then run your PSCAD builds from there. Since I don't know PSCAD there's a limit to how much help I can provide there.

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