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Intel Fortran Compiler License Expired?



It appears that the license file for our named user Intel Fortran compiler has "expired". Are these not perpetual licenses (composer edition)?

When I look into our license file it does have the date November 17 2017 in it, which is when the problems started, so the license file does in fact appear to be expired, but is there a way to obtain a current license file for the perpetual license? I've tried registering the serial number, but it says that it's already registered and when I try the "forgot my username" for all 4 of the emails that were likely used to buy the product 4-5 years ago it can't find any record of any of them. It's a small company, and 3 of those 4 email addresses no longer work anymore anyways (people don't work here anymore), the 4th is me. I know that this one computer is the only place that this license is used, so there must be some error in the registration system, or perhaps some purchasing person tied it to their email all those years ago. Is there a way to find out what email address is linked to a given serial number? I presume I only need to download a current license file from the registration center in order to keep using our perpetual license?


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Please submit support request for licensing issues:

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