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Intel Fortran Template in Visual Studio


I have an older version of intel fortran  (2013 SP1).  I received a new laptop lease and could  not reinstall the fortran from the site because it is no longer supported.  I was able to copy the program files to the new computer and with some work got the compiler to work from the command line.  Unfortunately I was not able to get the templates to run in Visual Studio 2010.  I found the "Troubleshooting Fortran Integration Issues with Microsoft Visual Studio"  and tried reregistering the integration files which were present in the VFPackages directory but still no success.  I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling VS2010 again with no success.  Any other thoughts?  I appreciate your help.

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The templates are, if I recall correctly, in a folder tree called Intel Fortran under the Microsoft Visual Studio program folder. There is also some complication in how the debugger interface is made available. I don't think you'll be successful in recreating the environment.

I would think you could contact Intel Support and ask for a copy of the old product, if they can verify your license.

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You haven't said but I assume you have a Windows 10 64 bit machine, 2013 Fortran supports VS2008, 2010 and 2012. VS2012 update 4 was the last release and supported windows 8.1 so you might get that to install on windows 10 if you can find an installer. You then have an old software know doubt with a list of unpatched security vulnerabilities. 

I would suggest biting the bullet and buying and upgrade which is in effect a new licence. You can't expect it to keep working forever.


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Thanks guys.  I appreciate the help.

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