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Intel Fortran and Five minutes

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In a recent post, someone noted that Intel oneAPI and a few other Intel Fortran installs make a statement that there is about 5 minutes to go on the installation.  

I have observed this statement a few times now as I install oneAPI on three computers. These computers all have SSD, but they range from a NUC i3 to a Dell i7 and yet it typically takes a lot longer, usually 20 to 30 minutes.  

One is often reminded of the old Dr's adage that this will not hurt and you know it is going to hurt a lot.  Novocaine at the dentist is one such example.  

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I have also installed on various PCs (including NUCs), and while five minutes may be a lower limit, I have not seen it take longer than 10. That long step is when the Intel installer calls a Microsoft tool to register the VS integration. I have no idea why it is so slow.

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Based on my experiences of installing Parallel Studio 2018, 2019, 2020 and OneAPI, I have concluded as follows:

The first 98 percent of the installation accounts for the first 98 percent of the installation time. The remaining 2 percent of the installation accounts for the other 98 percent of the installation time.

-- with apologies to Tom Cargill and Jon Bentley.

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This is incredibly good rule for 90-90

We had similar rules in Consulting Engineering.  

I love it.