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I have Parallel Studio XE and compiled a Fortran program. I had to get the Rogue Wave* IMSL* Fortran Numerical Libraries for Windows*.  I used Visual Studio to build the program and it runs from Visual studio in the Debug. 

Have two questions:

1. While the program  runs in Visual Studio, it cannot run by opening the Fortran application or executable file in Windows file directory. It cannot link to the library and says "the code execution cannot proceed because mkl_intel_thread.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem."   The program runs fine using Visual Studio and pressing start.  Why is it not possible to run it from the executable file? I'd like to share the program with others to run it who don't need to have Visual Studio. 

2. Have written a basic file accessible in Visual Studio, which is a user interface for the Fortran program. The user interface is needed to specify inputs and export data to reports, etc.  Can this be linked to the Fortran program already built and how to do it?  




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1) You have to add the directory for the MKL DLLs to the system PATH environment variable. This is not done by the install. Last I looked, it was not explained in the MKL documentation either. Annoying.

2) Typically one calls a Fortran DLL from Visual Basic. There are several worked examples of this in the Intel Parallel Studio XE for Windows Sample Bundle.

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Fallon, Denis wrote:
Why is it not possible to run it from the executable file? I'd like to share the program with others to run it who don't need to have Visual Studio.

The EXE is not self contained. It contains references to a number of routines that are provided by one or more DLL libraries. These libraries must be installed on the client machine and made accessible through the environment variable PATH. For a Fortran EXE, you will need to have your clients/colleagues obtain and install (i) VC redistributable package, , (ii) .

If you use DLL libraries for IMSL, NAG, etc., when building your application, there may be additional DLLs that need to be installed on the client machines. If the IMSL libraries came with their own MKL DLLs, those must be installed and their directory must be placed in PATH ahead of the MKL DLLs that came with Parallel Studio.

As you can see, your clients' setup can be quite involved. Querying them and planning the redistributables installation is a must.

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Another GUI option is Qt, which is much more powerful than Visual Basic for this purpose but may be more than you need.

(edit) For your clients VB is the obvious option, since (almost) everyone has Excel.

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