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Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows




Some time ago (about 2015) i have purchased fortran compiler + mkl library:

Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows.
Now I am changing laptop to a new one and would like
to transfer it there. How to do it?
I found my license number.
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Forget that old version. The latest version is free for everyone. See Solved: The Easy and Fast Way to Install JUST Fortran with Intel® oneAPI - Intel Communities and Installing Microsoft Visual Studio* for Use with Intel® Compilers . Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition is also free.

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When you performed the registration on your old system, a license file was placed/created on your system

A 2015 vintage license file on my system was named COM_W__CPPFOR_...-.........lic  (... represents removed text from file name).

Look for these *.lic files on your system and copy them to your new system. When you perform the installation on your new system you have the opportunity to browse for this (these) files.


**** A 2015 version of Intel Parallel Studio will not integrate with newer versions of MS Visual Studio.

I suggest you download and install the oneAPI Base Kit then the oneAPI HPC Kit. They are free. The HPC contains Fortran and other things, but has the Base kit as a prerequisite.


The oneAPI  does not require a license.


Jim Dempsey


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