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Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows* 2020 Update 4


I have installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 followed by Intel Fortran 2020 Update 4. Both installations sent messages they were successfully installed. However, when I start Visual Studio and tell it I want to start a new project, Fortran is not one of listed languages. What gives?

I have used the two software packages in the past, but was able to start writing new Fortran programs.

On worrisome thing that happened during installation of Visual Studio is that AVS, my anti-virus program, popped up with a message "We've blocked powershell.exe because it was infected with IDP.HELU.PSE22 - Command line detection". I doubt that VS has a virus in it, so I tried telling AVS that powershell.exe was an exception, but it still pops up after I uninstalled VS and Fortran and reinstalled.

Please Help,

Bruce Kimball

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