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Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 or 2013


I need one of these compilers to run a program in Matlab 2015b (

Is there any way I can get one of them? I have already followed the tutorial here but I can only go as far as the 2016 version.

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No - those versions are no longer available. You do not need those old versions that aren't supported by current Visual Studio versions. You can and should use Matlab with the most recent release. If you encounter any problems, just describe them in this forum and we'll be glad to help.


Hi Steve, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I want to run a program published in a 2015 paper and the authors haven't updated their code since then. So the only two options are to download 2015 Matlab (that only takes Fortran Composer XE 2011 or 2013) or to go through their entire code and update the parts that are outdated for Matlab 2020 and thus give errors.

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Why do you think you must use an obsolete version of Intel Fortran for that Matlab version? At most you may need to tweak Matlab scripts that locate the Fortran installation.

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@fjsafewifewfjafhe, you seem to think that there is a tight coupling between the versions of Matlab and Intel Fortran. That is possible, but very unlikely. The third party Matlab code that you mentioned may work with the current version of Matlab -- have you tried? Regardless of that, if the Matlab code uses Mex functions written in Fortran, any version of Intel Fortran that is compatible with the Matlab ABI should work.

I just tried building a 64-bit DLL from the R2012b distribution of Matlab using Intel Fortran 2019.1U2 + VS2019, and the resulting DLL runs fine when called from Matlab R2012b.

As Steve wrote, if you run into problems please provide a complete description.