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Hi everyone, 

I'm very new and a beginner in this field, but I'm installing a programme called Delft3D and I have some trouble with compiling the source code. 

The manuals are build for Visual Studio 2015 and intel fortran compiler 16, but it should also possible with newer versions. I work with VS 2017 and intel fortran compiler 2021. 

See attachment for the error in VS2017 for installing the source code. Link to the programme website:


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Thanks for reaching out to us!

As your issue is related to Fortran, we are forwarding this thread to Intel Fortran compiler forum for faster response.

Have a Good day!

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This is a post asking for help with building a large package (Delft3D). The package may be "free", but there is a hefty price to pay:

  • One has to register and download the entire package using SVN. Individual files are not available to view prior to doing so. We do not know how big the package is, or how long it takes to obtain it, set it up and build it.
  • It comes with a large number of prerequisites that have to be satisfied first. I am a long-time Fortran developer, and I still do not have most of those prerequisites.
  • The error_delft3D.txt file is 1629 lines long, but only 8 of those pertain to errors. The others could be disposed of by turning off warnings using a compiler option -- it makes sense to have warnings displayed only when the user is in a position to understand them and has the knowledge with which to rectify the code accordingly; or has someone else available to do the same.
  • The 8 lines with errors appear to be related to improperly specified directory names in the build scripts (and possibly directory permissions); this problem has nothing to do with Fortran specifically.

Nautaa, you are going to need the help of a system administrator and an experienced developer to build this package. Unless there happens to be an Intel Fortran forum member who uses Delft3D, we are not in a position to help you, I regret to say. Your best course of action would be to find if another Delft3D user is able to provide prebuilt Windows binaries to you. Failing that, and depending on how much you want to get this software working, you can follow the package installation instructions word-for-word, recording what happens after each step, and starting over when something fails. I do not recommend this approach, since the amount of time wasted can be high and the chances of success slim.

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I can remember in the early 90s people using this package in our Sydney office -- I think. 

If it from that period it is not going to be a blast to use.  

The prerequisites alone will take up a lot of space.  

Good luck. 


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Building an application like Delft3D is not something we can help you with. Have you contacted the people maintaining this open source program to see if they have tested their builds with Intel's latest compiler?

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