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Intel states: there is not a comprehensive document that lists the diagnostic definitions for the Intel® Fortran Compiler

What does that really mean?

How can a compiler put out a message during compilaiton and there is no document that describes that message?

Are the developers all gone and Intel merely sells a shell?

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Who at Intel said that?

See - linked in the FAQ.

Many of the messages have detailed descriptions, though many do not. If there's a particular one you need help with, let me know.

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Well, many of the messages are supposed to be self-descriptive. In particular, there's been an effort to make the diagnostics in the optimization report more understandable to non-specialists. Examples have also been created for some of the more common diagnostics, see

Diagnostics issued by the Fortran run-time library are documented in the "List of Run-Time Error Messages" section of the Fortran Compiler User Guide, see for example  Other entries under :Handling Run-Time Errors" might also be of interest.

Other parts of the compiler end can potentially issue a very large number of diagnostics, many of which are very rare. Only some of the more common ones have supplementary documentation. Is there a particular diagnostic with which you need help? Can you provide a code sample that causes it?  We'll be happy to help, and to add a corresponding online entry.

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