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Issue upgrading from compiler 15.0 to compiler 18.0 in Visual Studio


Hello Everyone,

We are having a large Fortran source code base thats running a large piece of our software. We are having a lot of existing customers who run our Fortran program modules in their industries.

Our current software version V3 is built under Visual Studio 2013 and uses Fortran compiler 15.0. As moving towards our newer software version V4, we are using VisualStudio 2017 and Fortran compiler 18.0.

We are seeing an issue when we upgrade from Fortran compiler 15.0 to 18.0, we can no longer select 15.0 compiler in Visual Studio 2013. 

What are my available solutions to have a VS 2013 with 15.0 compiler and VS 2017 with 18.0 compiler on the same machine? How do i make these two compilers co exist on a single machine?

Please provide me with any solutions and advices in achieving this. It is very important for us to support customers with both V3 and V4 in the future. It is not an efficient solution for us to upgrade our existing customers from V3 to V4, we decided to avoid this route. 

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