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Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 environment launches but then closes immediately



I just purchased Intel Fortran XE 2017 Composer for Windows, downloaded the 'offline full install' package, and installed it

on a HP Probook 655 G1 (AMD A8-5550M processors) laptop, running WIndows 7 (64 bit).

When I launch Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, it comes up with the 'Discover What's New in Professional 2013' page for about 1 second, and then it exits with no visible error.

I might have a corrupted installer file.   I think when I launched it the first time it said I need to enable Java Script (?)  -  how or where would I do this, if this might be causing the problem.

I'm uninstalling it now, will re-download the installer package, and try again hoping it works...  

Any ideas?

Thanks,     Mark

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I haven't seen other reports of this problem. The JavaScript message was probably related to the "getting started" web page that it opens at the end of install and isn't important.

In addition to uninstalling Parallel Studio XE, you'll want to uninstall Microsoft Visual Studio Shell before reinstalling. Let us know what happens.


I saw something similar after the installation of Parallel Studio 2017 Composer Edition on Windows (which installed the VS 2013 Shell). Some time before that installation I had already installed the VS 2013 Express version. After uninstalling the VS 2013 Express version, Parallel Studio 2017 started to work.

So: What versions of VS were already installed before you installed the Composer Edition?