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Older Compiler Download Information


A common question we see on this Forum is 'where can I download version ##.#.###?'.  

First, if you think you need a specific, older version of the compilers you are probably mistaken.  Perhaps you are using a library or simulation framework and the vendor has a System Requirements that call out a specific version of the Intel compilers.  Unfortunately many software vendors are slow to update their System Requirements for the latest compilers.  In fact, many list compilers that we no longer officially support.

In 99.9% of cases, you can use the latest Intel compilers with any vendor library or framework.  Intel has not changed our binary formats or ABI - Application Binary Interface for many many years.  In other words, our newest compilers produce DLLs or shared libraries, object files, executables that are backwards compatible to older Intel Fortran versions.  One caveat is that many frameworks have setup scripts or files that set environment to find the compiler and compiler libraries - these PATHs and other env setting and setup files are different between Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE and Intel oneAPI packages.  Contact your vendor for information on Intel oneAPI Compiler support.


So if you read the above and still think you need an older version of the compilers:

  • You can read the FAQs for information such as where to download older versions along with many other common questions.
  • You can read our Older Version Download information
  • Downloads are limited to Supported Versions, not all past versions are available.
  • To get access to older version downloads you will need to have an active Priority Support license. 
  • Free Downloads: Only the latest version of Intel Fortran is available for free download and use. 
  • For compatibility with CVF or DVF, see the /iface compiler option
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Do you have active support? If so, then older versions are available from  If you don't have active support, then no.

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Hi Stephen_Sutcliffe


Did you get an answer to your question? because I had this doubt too..


If we need to download the Composer XE 2015 Update 7, for example, I have to pay retroactively the activation date until the date to 2016.06.06  based on this table: ? 


Best Regards,


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Mario, the page for Update Version Mapping says:
"Also note, not all older versions are supported. See Unsupported Product Compiler and Library versions.".   2015 is very old.  There is a reason Microsoft and other software companies stop posting very old products - bugs and security vulnerabilities.  But if you insist on asking for 2015, open an issue on Online Service Center and request your old product.  For example:
Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows*, 2015 Update 7

In the issue, ask "Please escalate to the Fortran TCE team who say they can find my download".


Keep in mind that a compiler this old requires an old OS as well.  I cannot find the Release Notes for this very old compiler.  But it will need a 2015 version of Windows to run under - maybe Windows 7 if I remember.  It may not run under Windows 10 or 11. And you will need VS 2015.  Note that we can no longer distribute Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Shell and Libraries so you cannot get that from Intel.  You will have to have a compatible Visual Studio 2015 from somewhere else.


For all of these reasons, we always ask "Do you REALLY need such old software when the current oneAPI 2023 will work with the free Visual Studio Community Edition and our current compilers are free to download"?   Have you tried a modern compiler?  Modern Fortran is backwards compatible with older Fortran Standards and applications.  Why do you think you need an old compiler?  You probably do not want this.


Hello Ron,

Yes I do have tried a modern compiler...  we try to compile some models with the new compiler and it have some errors with library from a vendor that was send and compiled in this older version and unfortunately incompatible with the newer version.

That's why we need a previous version.



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I understand.  You will need to open an issue on Online Service Center and ask for that compiler version, like I mentioned above.  We do not post that for download by default on IRC. But it is available to Priority Support customers like you.

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Aaaahhhh, ok.

Thank you very much for the last to replies. 

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So given that the 2023 Intel Fortran Compiler removes integrations with VS2017 without warning, and that 2022 Intel Compiler is buggy with VS2022 were stuck without access to older versions of the standalone compiler that still support VS2017.


  • Upgrade to the 2023 compiler and lose access to Fortran from VS2017 (and its temp projects for quick code tests)


  • Don't upgrade to 2023 and use VS2017 and VS2019, but not VS2022.
    • After the integrations to VS2022 were fixed there were still lingering bugs
    • Compiles would fail without any error messages.
    • I could not exit from VS after such compile crashes.


Definitely a moment of hitting my head on the wall for not saving the older downloads somewhere before upgrading.



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VS2022 is fine with the current compiler - the exit issue has been corrected (Microsoft changed its interface, unannounced.  I would not call this a bug.)  In any case, I am not aware of compile error issues that relate to VS2022.  Feel free to pay for a support license if you want older versions. In the past, you had to pay for the compiler no matter what.

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If you are using this for work, an evaluation license may not be suitable. Instead, you could consider purchasing support from Intel, which may provide access to some older versions. However, the library you are linking to was compiled with VS2010, and no current version of Intel Fortran supports VS2010. It is worth noting that the error you are experiencing is related solely to Microsoft Visual C++, rather than Intel Fortran.

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